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Monday, June 02, 2014


 If you would like a copy of the template for this clock tower please contact me with your email address and I will send you a copy.

This is the Clock I made for the recent Crafters Companion Vintage Florals CD ROM 
Cut out box from the template and glue together 
I used craft card for my box .... you can give it a coat of gesso first if you prefer to do that before covering with your chosen paper ...

Now cut out the top part of the clock ( I used 2mm thick grey-board for this as it need to be quite thick for it to stand up ) and glue it onto the back of your chosen paper .
Next cut down the side of the topper like so 
and glue down the paper as you go ...( this is the easiest way I found to do it)
Now stick the back of this to the back of your chosen paper and cut around it as close to the edge as you can get ,..... then with a nail file sand down the edges (VERY gently o get a nice close finish..) and ink around the edges (I used Brushed Corduroy by Ranger) 
Next cover your box with your chosen paper 
I used Collalls All Purpose glue for this as I find it does not wrinkle the paper as other glues do, and ink around the edges.
Now cut out 9 pieces of 2mm Grey-board  

Layer 1 - 4cm x 7.5cm (cut 2)
Layer 2 - 4cm x 8.5cm (cut 2)
Layer 3 - 4cm x 9.5 cm (cut 2)

 and glue each doubled layer on  top of each other ....

 Make sure you leave a .5cm gap at each side on each layer to get the step effect.

The easiest way I found to cover the steps was to do the front and the back first ....

Next cut a strip of paper 4cm wide and make sure it is long enough to go all the way around your steps (taking in to account it has to go on each step ) I found around 16cm should cover it 
ink around the edges, now glue the base of your box and place onto the top of your steps making sure you leave a gap on each side 

Glue the bottom edge of your top stepper and hold for a few seconds giving the glue time to set a little .

All that is left now is for you to print off the embellishments, clock face etc to decorate your clock ...

I would love to see yours when you have finished 

Thank you for stopping by 
email ....   ivorymoondesigns@yahoo.co.uk

Tina xxx

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Hello again ...

As you may know I was recently given a guest spot on Fernli Designs Design team for the month of June  ... I will be doing 3 DT makes throughout the month

Here is the first
This is the small Ink Storage unit that Fernli Designs make  
I used Cosmic Shimmer Matt Chalk Paint from creative-expressions.uk
These paints are gorgeous to work with ....

I started off by painting the unit with gesso making sure to leave the little joints bare so they would still fit together ... don't worry if you do go over them with paint ... simply lightly sand them with a fine grade sand paper to remove some of the paint.

Next I painted them with the 'Chalkboard' colour which is a lovely dark grey  ... I left the outside of the unit in the white gesso.   I then put the unit together using 'Art Glitter - Designer Glue' this unit goes together sooooo easy and is so sturdy when the glue has dried ... I then painted the outside  of the unit with the 'Natural Stone' Matt Chalk paint.  Once dry I used a stencil and a small sponge and the "Saxe Blue - Matt Chalk Paint' which to me does not look blue but more green ... either way I love it ... the strange thing about these paints is the dark colours dry lighter and the lighter colours dry darker ..

My next step was to choose and paint the scrolls from Fernli Designs I use the 'Saxe Blue' on these too ... once dry I then glued them onto the top of the unit.  On the back piece I added a smaller scroll onto the top of the bigger one to give a more uniformed look
Before putting the side scrolls on I glued down a stripy ribbon from my stash to add some more interest to the outside, I then coated the whole unit (on the outside) with Shimmer Pearl Glaze (also by Cosmic Shimmer)  ... I am really happy with how this has turned out ... I can HIGHLY recommend  all the products from Fernli Designs amazing value, high quality products and fantastic customer service.

Many thanks for stopping by .

I have a video on Youtube showing this project 

Tina xxx

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