Thursday, January 08, 2015

Hi again ....

Here is the 2nd of the 3D/scene cards that I was asked to make by my cousin Jacquie for her daughter Bobbi.

The majority of this is made from cardboard and paper ....  The wooden chest is just a cheap one from The Range. The spider is one a friend sent me (yuk yuk yuk things ... and yes Deborah Hemsworth i still remember it terrifying me after you just placed it between the stuff you sent me LOL )
The bookcase is also made from cardboard and painted with acrylic paint.. the jars, potion bottles and crystal ball are all beads ... the skull is from a plastic garland of  skeletons from the £ shop which I got just before Halloween.

The brick texture on the walls and chimney have been made using a stencil and some All purpose polyfiller, painted grey and dry brushed with black paint.
The books which are all around the room are made from paper, some card and the metals are from a friend of mine who was selling some of her stash off and they have been rubbed over using Treasure Gold metallic paste.  The cauldron is the cap from a spray can and I glued some string around the top for some detail .... painted black then highlighted with Silver metallic paste ... In the cauldron is some sheer fabric that is blue and green and I wanted it to look like bubbling liquid ... the bones sticking out are the rest of the Skeleton I used.

The broom stick is a clock hand from Fernli Designs   i used quite a few of the different clock hands that Fernli has for sale as i wanted the broom handles to be really fancy and I also used them for the wands and a wall decoration on the fire chimney wall ...  The ink bottle is again some beads and the feather pen is a feather I saved from my bird.  the pen holder is a tiny cotton reel painted silver .  The parchment is some paper I tea and coffee dyed and crumpled up and then inked using Tim Holtz vintage photo distress ink. 
The Shelf is again card with a coffee stirrer stick stuck to the front ... The candles are Hot glue sticks cut to size and hot glue dripped down the sides.. I put a small piece of metal wire into the top and dipped it in black paint to give the effect of the wick being burnt .. the circle is from Fernli Designs.  The bottle is one i had got with some seed beads in it and I put in some Fairy Washing Up Liquid and printed out a table saying LIQUID FROG. The books are again made from card and filled with 3D foam for thickness.
The shelf on the chimney wall are from Fernli Designs and are the INCH squares  you can get alter ... The stool is made from a cotton reel and another wood circle from Fernli Designs ... the small table is card and lolly sticks.  

The hat stand is made from wire then covered in paper and painted to look like wood and it is fixed into a larger cotton reel .. the witches hats are made from felt ... I though our witch would have a nice red one with some bling on it for when she goes somewhere special or a party ...

The scissors on the wall are hung on the tip of one of the Clock hands from Fernli Designs, and the black ornament on the wall is also a clock hand,  the scrolls on top of the shelf are just more of the tea and coffee dyed paper I made and tied with a small piece of twine 
the wand box is again made from card and is filled with some scrolls and lots of wood wands ... a few are twigs and the others are parts of the wood clock hands from Fernli designs 

I made the display box from some A3 card I had and gave it Acetate windows so it can be seen from the front, the right side and from above..   I used some Black and Gold Washi tape to decorate it and made the banner using a Stampin' Up punch and spelled out bobbi's name . 

This ha to be my favourite one i have ever made and the Fernli Designs wooden bits are perfect form projects like this ... I was meant to put some of the wooden Halloween embellishments on the front of the box but i completely forgot :(      

Many thanks for stopping by ... I would love to know what you think xxxx

Tina xxx


Naomi (Sugar Brown) said...

Your talent knows no boundaries. I love seeing your work. xx

Tracy said...

Outstanding. ... I am in love with it all!! I originally thought it was a room in a dolls house ... you are super talented miss! !! Xxx

Elaine said...

Wow I'm in awe this is truly amazing. I lve it x

Mandy Twitchen said...

Amazing card Tina and I love the way you packaged it too - I am sure Bobbi is going to love it tfs xxx

Joey said...

Get outta town!!!!!!!!!!!! That that ...THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Stunning make hunny. Jo x

Donna said...

This has totally blown me away!! Amazing talent you have hun. Its absolutely fantastic!! xx

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