Friday, March 30, 2018

Stamp a Stack Craft Day 

Hey every one ... It's been a while since I last posted .... 

I held a Craft day last weekend and it was such a fun day .... the aim was for everyone to make 24 cards with their kit ..... well I am not sure anyone actually did make all the cards but the ladies defiantly had a lot of fun ... and there was soooo much left in their kits that they had loads left over to make more cards when they got home ....
Here are some of the cards they got to make ..... these are only the ones that i designed,  I had help from the lovely Naomi Dawn also designed some of the cards and if you go to her page you will see the other cards that the ladies got to make ..

If you want any information on the products used just send me a message or click my SHOP button to take you straight to my store 

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see you posting again, these
are lovely xxx

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