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Saturday, April 20, 2013

File Boxes 

Hello bloggers 

Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday .... I am part of a facebook group called UK & Ireland craftswaps .... it is now open to the rest of the world and I think EVERYONE should join in ... they have international swaps which you can join in and its been great fun making new friends from all over the world ... and they also do challenges where you can make something upload your photo to the challenge and can win a prize ... so no posting involved : )     which leads me to my next make .... FILE BOXES FROM CEREAL BOXES .... I am always tempted to buy these from the shops , then the lovely Yvonne set this challenge ... why had I never thought of making my own before ?????  But I hadn't !!!! 
SO here are mine ...... the striped one is from a dish washer tablet box ..... they are so much thicker than cereal boxes so I will be saving them and washing powder boxes from now on ..... the dishwasher tablet box had a cut out section so you could see the tablets inside and once I had covered it with paper it was very fragile so I decided to cover the triangles that I had cut from the top with a co-ordinating paper and fix it to the bottom simply for strength but I like the effect so much I decided to do the same with the cereal box to make that a little stronger too  .... I decided to make labels that can be clipped on so they can be easily changed .. 

Hope you like them 

Many thanks for stopping by 

Tina xxx 


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these, thank you for sharing how you made them too, I'd make a pigs ear out of it otherwise lol xxx

Linda Simpson said...

These are absolutely gorgeous and love the papers. What a fantastic idea.

Linda xxx

Carole said...

Fantastic idea Tina....the designs are gorgeous & so clever, well done xx

Ms Scrapmess said...

They are gorgeous!!! Great recycling and money saving project:)

Anonymous said...

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PinkyLisasInkyCrafts said...

These are beautiful. I love the paper mix you have used and the gorgeous big buttons. This is a brilliant idea as I have some of these but in an awful colour....I know what I am going to be doing ;)

Lovely work as always...

Hugs Lisa xxxxx

Ann Sims said...

Don't know how I missed this challenge...lol...I am gonna have to pay more attention!!! Love these and I never can get enough storage, so got to make some!!! Annie

hazel thompson said...

These look stunning!! Even better in real life!! xx

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